Please check the following in vehicle.

1. OBD device physically unplugged

Suggestion: Check to ensure OBD device is plugged in, if device is unplugged, re-plug the device

2. Loose OBD Cable Connection

Suggestion: Check and/or tighten OBD cable connection.

3. OBD device power off

Suggestion: Check the red LED on OBD device after starting engine

Also check to see if there are the 3 lights on the OBD device.

4. Blown Fuse

Suggestion:  If the 3 lights do not turn on, check the fuse box to make sure the fuse for the OBD port is not blown.

5. SIM card is not properly plugged in.

Suggestion: Check that the SIM card is properly plugged into the device.

Please contact FleetUp Support at or call 855-274-2886 option 3 for more information.