The ELD Mandate applies to:

  • Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV) 
    • CMV is defined by one or more of the following: weigh 10,001 lbs or more, designed or used to transport 8+ passengers (including driver) for compensation, designed or used to transport 15+ passengers (including driver) not for compensation, or transports hazardous material.
  • CMV Drivers hauling cargo interstate or intrastate

The ELD Mandate does not apply to:

  • Drivers who keep driving records no more than 8 days during any 30 day period
  • Short-haul drivers operating within a 100 air-mile radius
  • Drivers of property-carrying CMVs not requiring a Commercial Driver's License
  • Driveaway-Towaway Drivers who transport a vehicle for sale, lease, or repair, provided the vehicle driven is part of the shipment
  • Drivers of vehicles manufactured before the year 2000 - identified by VIN. 

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